Often the best ideas arise out of necessity.

INFINITY™ Palisade is a direct result of “there’s got to be a better way to do this”. Particularly in light of the increased focus on securing critical infrastructure sites in the last decade. From time in memorial, the two sectors of physical and electronic security have undertaken separate paths. Not until now has there been the capability to integrate both, with an innovative perimeter design solution that future-proof’s every installation.

Our Research and Development program, along with detailed design criteria covered all aspects in creating the next generation of Palisade Security Fencing.

Other aspects of the design include;


Why would you install a new perimeter fence and not allow for other services to be retro-fitted at a later date?

Reduced Cost

The INFINITY™ design eliminates 90% of future excavations, along with in-ground conduits and pits that forever fill with water.

Raw Materials Availability

This product can be made from sheet or coil steel and is not reliant on mill runs for hot rolled structural steel members, unlike traditional palisade. Each component can be manufactured either using folded or cold roll techniques facilitating expedient and versatile production.

Improved Anti- Climb Functionality

INFINITY™ is the world’s first “Cornerless” fence. This unique feature;

Covert Surveillance

The SMRTrail™ offers a solution for mid-fence detection – the most common point of attack.

Ease of Installation

Let’s not forget the Contractors. INFINITY™ Palisade Security Fencing designs make installation easy.