INFINITY TM High Security Palisade Fencing System…
the only system with built in cable management.

An Innovative Perimeter Design Solution

INFINITY™ Palisade Fencing is an innovative perimeter design solution providing the marriage of physical and electronic security, previously considered as separate applications. INFINITY™ Palisade is a multi-dimensional fence providing immediate perimeter protection, whilst “future-proofing” the installation so that additional security products can be easily retro-fitted.

The SMRTrail™ profile instantly converts to a service carrying feature to all extremities of the perimeter, with the simple installation of a robust coverplate [SMRTcover™]. This feature allows for Stage 2 and 3 security upgrades without the need for costly excavations, in-ground pits and conduits that continually fill with water.

Design your Ultimate Plan Layout

And it doesn’t stop there! All services installed into the fence framework are readily accessible and visible by simply removing the SMRTcover™. Likewise, planning for lighting and cameras may not co-incide with the physical installation of INFINITY™ Palisade. No problem, simply design your plan layout around exiting the SMRTrail™ wherever you desire.

INFINITY™ Palisade is manufactured to three standard fence heights of 2.4, 2.7 and 3.0m and can be built up to 5.4m in height. Designed to accommodate a straight or radiussed pale, all holes are pre-punched before galvanising. Gates are manufactured to compliment the fence, both hinged and sliding, operated manually or automated. The articulating characteristics of palisade make it the ideal product for large installations across varying topography.